​Composted Bark Chippings

Composted Bark Chippings

Hedgehogs Nursery Garden Supplies provides premium quality composted bark chippings for all garden projects.  Our composted chippings are sourced from FSC certified forests in Scotland, the product is sustainably, and responsibility produced.  Based in Glenrothes Fife we can provide delivery within the Fife area. You can also visit the nursery and use your trailer.  Call for information from 1000hrs to 1300hrs on 01592 859541 and our staff will answer your questions, 

Composted bark chippings or more commonly known as “green gold” is perfect for many garden projects. Composted chippings layered around the garden are making it a must-have for anyone that wants to lift their gardens. 

Beautiful composted bark

How Can I order Composted Bark Chippings?

Ordering is easy

Delivery – Phone 01592 859541 and our staff will help you with your order. We deliver within the Fife area (delivery charge applies depending on postcode) .

Collection – if you have a trailer, you can come and collect. We are located in Glenrothes, Crompton Road, Southfield Industrial Estate, KY6 2SF.

How do I know how much Composted Bark Chippings I need?

If you use the easy calculator on this page, it will give you an idea of what you will need.  If you still have questions, just ask by phoning 01592 859541.  We are there from 1000hrs – 1300hrs for your questions.

Why should I use Composted Bark Chippings?

Soil Enrichment

Composted bark chippings are good source of organic matter that improves soil structure and fertility.  As it decomposes, it will release valuable nutrients into the soil, such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.  These nutrients will then help your plants grow and flower or produce more fruit better.  It is the best way your garden can get back the nutrients that it has lost and needs replenished.

Improves Soil texture

Composted bark chippings can also improve the soil condition.  If you have a garden with poor drainage or soil compaction, composted chippings can help alleviate these issues by improving the soil.  It is somewhat coarse, fibrous that will help loosen compacted soil, allowing for better aeration and water penetration.  We will work to improve what is currently in the garden, also future plantings.

Helps Retain Moisture

Believe it or not, by layering a good dressing of composted chippings over the garden soil, it will act as a natural mulch by reducing water evaporation and help with water retention, this process is ideal for plant life as they will then be able to combat dry spells more effectively. 

Helps with soil temperature

Another great reason for a good layer of composted chippings is that it will help keep the soil temperature a bit more regulated.  Imagine in warm or hot weather, the layer of composted chippings will help shield plant roots from extreme heat and prevent them from drying out.  In cold weather, the layer applied to the soil surface will help protect against frost which can be vital for overwintering plants.

Environmentally Friendly

By using composted chippings you can be sure it is eco-friendly.  It can reduce the need for chemical fertilisers, while contributing to a healthier environment for plant life. More importantly it reduces the carbon footprint associated waste disposal. 

Ordering Your Composted Bark Chippings

Ordering could not be easier. Just ask by phoning Hedgehogs Garden Supplies 01592 859541 and our staff will help you with your order. We can deliver within the Fife area, which is an extra charge, depending on the postcode address, but if you have a trailer, you can come and collect. We are located here in Glenrothes, Crompton Road, Southfield Industrial Estate, KY6 2SF.

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