​Ornamental Bark Chippings

Ornamental Bark Chippings

Ornamental Bark chippings are one of the most overlooked products that can elevate the look of any garden.  As with composted bark, ornamental bark not only adds a huge visual effect but also brings other benefits to gardens.  Hedgehogs based in Glenrothes Fife stocks premium ornamental bark for all projects.

We source our bark chippings locally from FSC certified forests in Scotland, ensuring that the product is sustainably and responsibly produced.  Based in Glenrothes Fife we can deliver within the Fife area or if you have a trailer you can come to the nursery and have your trailer loaded.  Call for information from 1000hrs to 1300hrs on 01592 859541 and our staff will answer your questions. 

How can I order my Ornamental Bark Chippings

Ordering is easy.

Delivery – Phone us on 01592 859541 and our staff will help you with your order. We deliver within the Fife area (delivery charge applies depending on the postcode),

Collection – if you have a trailer, you can come and collect. We are located in Glenrothes, Crompton Road, Southfield Industrial Estate, KY6 2SF.

How do I know how much Ornamental Bark Chippings I need to order?

If you use the calculator that is on this page, you will have a good idea of what you will need.  Remember that it is only an estimated amount.  It will give you a good idea of what is needed.

Use a guide of at least 2-3 inches depth and that will enhance the weed control properties of the bark.

Some FAQs

What are Ornamental Bark Chippings?

Ornamental bark chippings originate usually from trees such as spruce or pine. The bark is shredded and chopped into small pieces and then graded according to British Standards and standards for garden bark.

Ornamental Bark chippings are the chunkier bark chippings and some names associated with ornamental bark – decorative bark chippings, play grade bark chippings and Bark nuggets. The top dressing is typically used as a safety surface for garden beds, trees, pathways, and playground areas.

Why use Ornamental Bark Chippings?

Like composted bark chippings, the benefits are numerous.  Ornamental bark chippings are used commonly as a mulch and it will help suppress weeds, retain moisture, regulate soil temperature as it decomposes naturally.  It will also release nutrients back into the soil over a period making it more fertile.  Natural and eco-friendly is the best platform for plant life in gardens.

Ideally ornamental chippings will spruce up the garden walkways and is a great alternative to slabs as it creates a perfect natural pathway.  The big chunkier bark chippings will make an impact in the garden for tidy ups as well as being a great help to promoting a better environment for plant life.

Can I put Ornamental Bark Chippings right on the soil?

It can be used as a mulch in planted areas.  Plants that are already in place will benefit from a good layer of bark chippings.  And of course, remember that it will help with things like water retention and weed suppression,

Should I put something under the bark chippings?

That would depend on how it is being used.  If creating a pathway, then it would be recommended to lay first weed control membrane.  This would act as a weed mat as well as letting necessary water and other nutrients to blend into the soil beneath.

Will the bark chippings stop weeds coming through ?

The challenge of weed control plagues many gardens.  If the layer of ornamental chippings is thick enough usually at least 2 inches thick it will help weeds from popping up.  However, there will be those pesky weed seeds that are in the air that land on the top of the bark chippings that must be taken away.  A good layer of bark chippings will also prevent sunlight from helping weeds grow as well as the weed matting laid under the bark.  Remember that the bark chippings will also break down, but slowly and if not replaced those weeds will seek and destroy gardens.

Remember that it is the correct amount of bark chippings that is laid that will help stop weeds and even grass from emerging through the bark.  At least 2-3 inches is needed.

Other uses for ornamental bark chippings:

Ideal for putting around potted plants.  The bark will help with water retention and create a sparkle for those containers. 

Play areas around the family home is also a good way to have a softer landing surface, as well as having a good ground cover.

Spruce up your rock garden or beds and borders with a good layer of ornamental bark, and it will tidy up areas that needed a lift.

How Can I order Ornamental Bark Chippings?

Ordering is easy. Just ask by phoning Hedgehogs Garden Supplies 01592 859541 and our staff will help you with your order. We can deliver within the Fife area, which is an extra charge, depending on the postcode address. If you have a trailer, you can collect. We are located here in Glenrothes, Crompton Road, Southfield Industrial Estate, KY6 2SF.

Try our online calculator

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