Grow Your Own Fruit

Grow your own fruit can reap many benefits. You do not need plastic as you pick straight from the bush. You can reduce your carbon footprint and reduce the need for pesticides. Growing your own fruit and vegetables will also lessen food waste as you eat what you pick. Home grown fruit give you more nutrients as it reaches the table faster, Vitamins and antioxidants in some types of produce may be more than 100 percent higher in local crops versus imported ones. Home-grown food does not need to be transported from source to market. This reduces air pollution as planes, ships, trucks and cars are not used to bring the food to your plate. Best is that when you grown your own, you know exactly when they have been picked and how fresh they are. Growing your own fruit and vegetables is one way of making sure you have the best. Fruits such as raspberries and blueberries offer the high content of vitamins and antioxidants as well as vegetables such as rhubarb. Fresh tomatoes and cucumbers are always crisp and taste better when you grow it yourself and harvest. Take the step to home grown and reap the benefits.

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