Lawn Scarification

Scarification will remove thatch, moss and other organic matter from the base of the grass plants tidying up straggling lateral growth that can prevent good dense grass growth. If you have too much thatch in the lawn it will give you a spongy feel when you walk on it. There should be a layer 0.5-1cm thick when you look at the sides of your turf – anymore than this is excessive and unhealthy for your lawn. Scarification will help your lawn breathe, absorb water and nutrients easier, and reduce levels of moss on the lawn. It is one of the most benefical treatments that your lawn can achieve. Imagine a non-spongy lawn. You can do it yourslef, rent the machines and take the time. Our team at Hedgehogs Garden Supplies are ready to do this for you. Call our Tidy Garden Team here at Hedgehogs Garden Supplies on 01592 859 541 and we will have your lawn looking fresh .