Ornamental Bark

Everyone wants a low maintenance garden.  Ornamental Bark is one of the most popular mulches available in the market today. It’s great as a base for potted plants and for small trees and shrubs. Ideal for use as a base for play areas or general garden areas.  Bark is a good way to spruce up gardens yet beneficial to the garden as well.

Ornamental bark is a good way to help stop weeds.  The weed suppression capacity is a result of the barrier bark creates that deprives weeds of the sunlight they need to grow.  Weed seeds land on the mulch surface and are washed down to the soil by rainwater.

Our premium Scottish sourced ornamental bark is available here at Hedgehogs Garden Supplies in Glenrothes. Either collect yourselves or we deliver locally! Call us 01592 859541!

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