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​Commercial Grounds Maintenance Services

Commercial Grounds Maintenance is an important factor with many businesses.  A neat and tidy property reflects the tone of the business and can be a great asset to any business. A commercial grounds maintenance contract will have a team of experienced landscapers that will carry out a number of services on a regular basis from grass cutting, weed control, hedge trimming keeping the outside premises appealing – don’t forget how important first impressions are.

Hedgehogs Garden Services will tailor your ground maintenance contracts to your specific requirements.  There may be areas of the grounds that you want left alone, and other areas that need regular care.  Contracts can also be short or long, depending on what you feel is the best way to maintain the grounds.

What services are available:

Grass Cutting and Lawn care – Grass care is one of the most important aspects of grounds maintenance and will need to be fostered on a regular basis.  Grass may need reseeding, etc, but all this can be discussed to formulate a good routine maintenance.

Hedge Trimming – Regular trimming of the hedges or bushes that surround or on the commercial property will keep them from appearing ragged and untidy.  If they need replacing, our team can do that as well, or suggest other types of hedging.

Weed Control – Keeping weeds at bay is also an important aspect of grounds maintenance.  Weeds can get out of control and make the premises look untidy as well as unpleasant.  We can offer weed control services to keep weeds at bay

Plants and shrubs – If plants or shrubs need replacing, our team can handle that as well, or if an area needs a bit of a pick me up with bedding plants, our team can provide great bedding plants to make a dull area sparkle.

All in all a commercial grounds maintenance contract will ensure that your premises will always look neat and tidy, as first impressions are very important to anyone visiting the premises.  Call us today and let’s make your premises the best on the block.

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