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Garden Services

At Hedgehogs Nursery we offer a full range of professional garden services, including a design and build service, helping you to transform your garden into a functional and attractive outdoor space. Our innovative and creative team will assist in the planning of locations of walkways, flower beds, shrubs and trees with plants specially selected which will complement the site. We aim to create interesting lines with complementary forms, textures and colour schemes.

Garden Design

Kean and Able Landscaping in association with Hedgehogs Nursery Landscape provides a fully inclusive garden services team, experienced with design and construction services.  We help you select the right design that is tailored to fit your budget and a design that creates a garden that you want to relax in with family and friends.  Our team are experts in garden landscaping and are qualified to tackle almost any garden design ideas and help any garden ideas flourish.

Creating a succession of blooms within your garden is a simple yet highly effective way of adding interest to your outdoor space and making it a much more appealing and aesthetically pleasing part of your home. As well as colours and types, we’ll also lend careful consideration to plant heights to ensure they are suitable for the space.

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construction services

Construction Services

Whether it is small garden ideas to major landscaping ideas, we can help assist you to turn it into something that makes your garden design look great.

We specialise in garden design and construction projects that focus on the client’s individuality while creating a beautiful atmosphere to enjoy.

Patios and Paths

Looking to add a new patio or path to your garden or revamp an existing one? Our friendly team of expert landscape designers will help you design, plan and build path layouts and patio structures which will add both functionality and aesthetic interest to your outdoor space.

Perhaps you want a patio to host barbecues on or to set up some sun loungers for the summer. Or maybe you’re looking to add some interesting lines to your garden with a new path layout. Whatever your needs, Hedgehogs are standing by to deliver a complete design and build service, taking all the hard work out of your hands.

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designed driveways


Need assistance with the design and build of a driveway in Fife and the surrounding areas? The experienced team at Hedgehogs supplies can deliver a functional, attractive and affordable solution. Whether you are planning a new driveway or looking to revamp an existing one, don’t hesitate to get in touch for advice.

A smooth and even driveway will lend an aesthetically pleasing addition to your property. It will also be beneficial for parking vehicles without the annoyance and potential harm of uneven surfaces and potholes.


Adding decking to your garden is not only practical, it can also lend a very stylish touch to your outdoor space. Decking is ideal for laying out some outdoor furniture such as armchairs and a garden coffee table. It’s also great for setting up some sun loungers to soak up rays during the warmer months. We can plan, design and build the decking solution best suited your specific needs.

Our expert, experienced landscape designers utilise only the best quality materials, ensuring that your decking solution will be hard-wearing and long lasting. Neighbours and visiting friends or relatives are sure to be impressed!

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bespoke fencing


Installing fencing around your garden can have many practical benefits; for example, keeping in pets (or keeping out neighbour’s pets). Fencing can also lend a stylish touch to an outdoor space and can be used as a way of creating interesting lines and a captivating design.

Setting up fencing in your garden can also be an effective means of improving privacy and security. Hedgehogs Supplies will take care of all the planning, designing and installation of fencing using only the highest quality materials to ensure durability and longevity.

Turf Laying

Looking to have some new turf laid in your garden? Our team of experienced landscape designers can save you all the hard work and ensure that new turf is laid to the highest professional standard.

There are many benefits to laying turf in your garden. Turf can improve air quality whilst helping to decrease pollutants. A garden lawn also provides a great space for recreation, especially if you have kids or pets.

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patio and walkway

Top tip…

You don’t need expensive plants to create an extraordinary patio!

When you’re considering a new project for your garden, don’t spend money on plants or other accessories. A simple gravel surface could bring more value than any of the garden décor ideas you have in mind.

Here a few questions to consider when thinking of having your garden designed:

  • What will the garden space be used for?
  • How do I intend on spending my time in the garden?
  • What about the natural elements, sun, wind and shade?
  • Is there another home overlooking our garden?
  • Do I need any type of security element put in the landscape design?
  • What is my budget for the project – be realistic?
  • What is my timescale for the project to be completed?

There are many more questions to be considered when it comes to designing a garden, and there are some questions that are often overlooked – Kean and Able garden designers have answered these questions! Our garden landscaping team endeavour to keep clients informed and involved throughout every step of the design and construction.

To request a quote from one of our landscape professionals, please use our contact form and be sure to describe your landscape project requirements (size, materials & scope).

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