Beat the rising costs of fruits and grow your own. Blueberries, Raspberries, (Scottish Grown) Rhubarb which all will produce a load of fruit. Pot grown fruits are also easy to establish and maintain and you can see them growing this year when planted immediately after purchase.

You may even see some fruit produced for a tastier crop for the following years to come. You can either plant your blueberries in the ground or pot them. With the right soil and spacing and care you will be able to enjoy your own harvest in no time.

duke blueberries


Some of the best Blueberry Plants for the UK are the Blueberry bushes that are northern High Bush variety. Great for the climates experienced here and especially for the Scottish areas where the climates are colder. This year Hedgehogs Garden Nursery will be offering varieties of fruits that are sweet, strong growers and good cropping.


Raspberry Plants are a big favourite among gardeners as well. Seen in most allotments, and they are even great for containers if you have limited space. Scottish grown Raspberry canes are hardy and ideal for the UK climates with good crops and tasty fruits. Pot grown Scottish Raspberry plants available at Hedgehogs Nursery for planting now in limited supply.



Rhubarb is a striking plant with large leaves and superb flavours in their stems depending on the variety selected. This hardy perennial vegetable will produce year after year for you to enjoy crumbles, pies or whatever you can produce from the rhubarb stems. They are easy to maintain and will reward you year after year. Browse our pot grown rhubarb at Hedgehogs Nursery Garden Supplies at competitive prices.

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