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Spruce Up Your Garden with Hedgehogs Nursery Plants!

Feeling a garden void? Liven it up with stunning shrubs from Hedgehogs Nursery (KY6 2SF)! Our locally sourced beauties add year-round color, structure, and life.

Plant Magic:

  • Effortless elegance: Low-maintenance blooms, sculpted hedges – shrubs have it all!
  • Privacy paradise: Create a natural haven with flowering or evergreen options.
  • Vertical vibrancy: Break up space with tall shrubs or compact wonders.
  • Pollinator haven: Attract butterflies and hummingbirds with fragrant delights.

Locally Loved, Garden Ready:

Our shrubs come from nearby growers, ensuring they thrive in your garden.

Visit Hedgehogs Nursery today and let us create your dream garden!

Bedding Plants

Spring Has Sprung with Hedgehogs Nursery Bedding Plants!

Blooming colours and vibrant life erupt with spring, and Hedgehogs Nursery has the bedding plants to match! Whether you are a seasoned gardener or just starting out, we offer everything you need to create a showstopping display.

Big or Small, We Have Them All:

  • Nurture seedlings in our greenhouse-ready selection.
  • Instant impact: Grab vibrant, ready-planted options for baskets and containers.

Locally Grown, Locally Loved:

Our bedding plants are nurtured right here, ensuring they are perfectly acclimated to our climate and ready to thrive in your garden.

Blooming with Possibilities:

  • Hanging Baskets: A cascade of color for your patio.
  • Tubs and Containers: Instant pops of vibrancy anywhere you need it.
  • Garden Borders: Add a burst of life to your flowerbeds.

Visit Hedgehogs Nursery today and let’s paint your spring with blooming beauty!

garden bedding plants

Garden Shrubs

garden shrub plants

Shrubs: The Workhorses of Any Thriving Garden!

Gardens crave character, and shrubs are the unsung heroes that deliver! Unlike fleeting flowers, shrubs offer enduring beauty and functionality.

Need privacy? They will create a lush, living screen. Want year-round color? Evergreen options provide constant vibrancy. Plus, shrubs attract pollinators, filling your garden with life!

At Hedgehogs Nursery (KY6 2SF), we stock a vibrant selection of locally sourced shrubs, perfectly suited for our climate.

Do not just dream it, plant it! Visit Hedgehogs Nursery today and let our experts help you choose the perfect shrubs to bring your garden to life!


Multi-purpose Compost

Unleash the Power of Mother Earth in Your Garden!

They say happy plants start with healthy soil, and at Hedgehogs Nursery, we have the secret weapon: Mother Earth Compost! This is not your average bag of dirt – it is a nutrient powerhouse almost too good to be true.

Here’s why Mother Earth Compost is the perfect gift for your garden:

  • Explosive Growth: Supercharge your plants from seed to bloom with the ideal balance of nutrients Mother Earth provides.
  • Versatility Unbound: Use it for sowing seeds, transplanting seedlings, or filling baskets and containers. Mother Earth thrives in any application.
  • Effortless Excellence: Simplify your gardening life with a ready-made, perfectly balanced growing medium.

Do not settle for average – give your plants the Mother Earth advantage! We offer Mother Earth Compost in convenient 60L bags, perfect for any garden project.

Visit Hedgehogs Nursery today and let Mother Earth work its magic on your garden!

mother earth garden plant compost
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