Grow Your Own Favourite Fruit

What better way to beat the ever rising costs of fresh fruit and vegetables – Grow Your Own!

This is the year to get gardens and allotments ready to grow various fruits and vegetables and now is the time to get them planted.  There are many types of fruit to grow, and selecting what is your favourite is the way to go.  Blueberry bushes are always a good choice as they have high antioxidants and vitamins, easy to grow and maintain.  Selecting the Blueberry bush that has the best tasting final crop is something everyone considers.  Hedgwhogs Nursery has this year in stock Blueberry Plants with great tasting berries. They are all supplied in 2 and 3 Litre Pot Grown and can be planted at any time.  Blueberry Jersey berries are sweet, with Bluegold and Chandler a close second.  Other Blueberry shrubs to consider are Blueberry Duke with large fruit and great for the colder climates.

Something new for gardens with limited space is the Blueberry MiniBlue that is perfect for containers and fruit is excellent flavoured.  Imagine picking blueberries on the patiio, balcony or terrace year after year.  This is a Blueberry Bush not to be missed!

If you missed bareroot raspberry canes, not to worry as Hedgehogs Nursery has pot grown Scottish raspberry canes that will produce fruit on this years canes!  Great flavoured and old favourites are the choice of many and we stock Raspberry Glen Ample, Autumn Bliss, Glen Clova as popular for gardens.  These come in 3 Litre Pot grown, five canes to a pot and ready to plant today!  New to the raspberry fold is the Raspberry Bonbonberry Yummy a great compact, sweet flavoured raspberry for containers.  Bonbonberry Yummy is perfect for patios, terrace areas, balconies.  A great new and special Raspberry bush.  This special Raspberry Bush is supplied in 3Litre Pot.

Another excellent new compact addition to the Raspberry Bush scene is Raspberry Little Sister.  Little Sister has good cropping yields, and flavours that will send you into something wondering why you had not purchased this Raspberry before.  Get your favourte container ready and plant  Raspberry Little Sister and enjoy the fruits of your labour!  Little Sister is ready to plant from her 3 Litre Pot now.

Have a taste for something a bit more tart and widely known for crumble?  Rhubarb is one of the most home grown vegetables in the UK and for many a good reason.  Rhubarb is great as crumble with its sweet stalks and other uses as well.  This year Hedgehogs Nursery Garden Supplies has one of the best flavoured Rhubarb Canada Red.  It has shorther slender stems, and is very sweet.  The slender stems are high in sugar.   Its cherry red colour is all the way through the stem and is easy to peel.  Do not miss this great Rhubarb supplied in 3 Litre Pot Grown

Another excellent Rhubarb Glaskins Perpetual is popular all around variety.  It has long, tender stalks and believed to have the lowest oxalic acid of all the Rhubarb varieties.  Glaskins is an early maturing variety that matures quickly. Easy to grow and great disease resistance.  Glaskins supplied as 3 Litre Pot Grown ready to plant

Something new to try is Rhubarb Fulton’s Strawberry Surprise holder of RHS Award of Garden Merit.  Fulton’s Surprise is the best flavoured Rhubarb in the RHS Wisley Trials.  It is a strong, vigorous plant producing striking red stems with well-balanced flavours.  Fulton’s Surprise can be grown in containers which is a great plus for gardens with limited space.  Fulton’s Surprise supplied in 3 Litre Pot grown and ready to plant.

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