Landscaping and Design by Hedgehogs Nursery

“We can only create the conditions…” – 

Landscaping and design is all about finding out what the features of the site are and what the aspirations of the clients are.  Mix the both of those concepts and the marriage of the two is the design.  Basically it is the process of developing practical and pleasing outdoor living space.  The basic philosophy of landscape design involve elements of unity, scale, balance, simplicity, variety, emphasis and sequence.  It is these interconnected elements that will create a design of the outdoor living space.

Our Landscape Architect

The creation of a garden style that compliments all the above elements takes a keen sense of creativity and experience to mould a space into something special.  Our Landscape Architect, Robert Kean tells us that at the age of 15, when he left school, he took up an apprenticeship as a gardener with the City of Glasgow Parks.  It was then that he knew that gardens would be his future.

After five years with City of Glasgow, Robert completed a diploma in Horticulture with the royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh.  Robert then went on to complete a degree in Landscape Architecture at Edinburgh University with honours.

The next 30 years was a collaboration of many diverse projects both urban and rural that ranged from designing the layout of parks, gardens, housing estates, sporting sites, and airports.  The challenge was to create areas that were innovative and aesthetically pleasing for people to enjoy.  While also making sure that the changes to the natural environment were appropriate, sensitive and sustainable.

Building Hedgehogs

Robert took the plunge to develop his own company and continue with Landscape Design and Construction.  In 1999 under the umbrella of Hedgehogs Nursery, the landscaping company was born.  It has continued to be successful and today in 2016 it is known as Kean & Able Landscapes.  Robert and Scott have the years of experience that will give you the confidence that your aspirations that you have for that ‘dream’ garden can be fulfilled. Take that first step and contact us.

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