New Garden Gravel Now Available

Our new Garden gravel is a great option for a low maintenance garden. It is a great material to choose for all sorts of purposes around the garden as it comes in a variety of colours and sizes.  It is both easy to lay and affordable for covering large areas.  It’s ideal for finishing edges of paving, easy to care for (over weed membrane), eco-friendly and wildlife friendly and perfect for that natural garden design.

Garden Gravel are an extremely versatile material that can be used in all style of gardens whether it is to add touches of gravel around edges of a patio, or creating a unique seaside style garden, around borders or to create a pathway.

New Spring Lines – Beautiful New Colourful Garden Gravels

Hedgehogs Nursery has introduced some stunning new colourful gravels in addition to our regular popular garden gravels.  We have added 8 new gravels that would make any landscape come alive

TAY SILVER  20mm Gravel

Tay Silver Gravel 20mm
Silver Tay Gravel 20mm


20mm Tay Silver gravel simply bubbles with colours of dark blue, grey, silvery flecks running through the gravel making the colour almost a silver grey.  Ideal for paths, Oriental gardens.  It is an angular material that adds that different effect to the landscape and is not your everyday gravel.

Supplied bulk bag – £101.00 per bulk bag.  Delivery not included

Coverage:  1 bulk bag will cover approximately 10sqm with a depth of 55sqm





Oban Cobbles

 Oban Cobbles are natural shaded round, smooth stones that vary in size in the batch.  There rich natural colour that will make an outstanding feature in any landscape.

Supplied in bulk bags – £145.00 per bulk bag.

Delivery not included







GREY GRANITE  20mm Gravel

Grey Granite 20mm Gravel


20mm Grey Granite is an attractive and hard-wearing gravel that is a perfect choice for that modern contempo9rary look.  Grey Granite is lighter in colour when dry and darken when wet to show the beautiful grey flecks throughout the different colours of stone.

Supplied bulk bags – £90.00 per bulk bag – Delivery not included

Coverage:  1 bulk bag will cover approximately 10sqm at a depth of about 50sqm





PEBBLES  20-40mm

Beech Pebbles


20-40mm Beach Pebbles are like larger cobbles you would pick up on the beach, they have a variety of colours, pink, peach, grey, blue scattered throughout. Ideal for something different for the garden or if you want that seaside look.

Supplied in bulk bag – £122.00 per bulk bag.

Delivery not included







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