Planting guide and Care of Garden Shrubs

There are many methods for planting garden shrubs. Our planting guides is one method to ensure that your garden shrubs will be off to the best start in the garden and thrive for years.

Before you plant shrubs, consider when to plant them, the best location and if they are suited for the type of soil in your garden.
Regardles of the size of garden you may have, shrubs will form the backbone of a garden, so it is essential to know how to plant them, where to place them, and if they right for my garden. When is the right time to plant shrubs?
The best time to plant will depend on the shrub, if they are already in the ground or in containers. For some shrubs you may see them not survive if planted too soon. Deciduous shrubs are planted successfully during their “dormant” time about fall and winter when their leaves have fallen. Fall is the best time as the soil is still warm and will help the plant establish before winter.

Shrubs in containers are planted successfuly almost any time of the year if the conditions are correct. The grounds or weather dictate the right conditions. Best planting for container shrubs would be autumn and early spring.

Where to plant shrubs
There are many things to consider before planting, i.e., location, type of shrub, soil conditions. There are shrubs that require sunny location, acidic soils, well-draining soil situations or dry conditions. Remember that if planting in the ground, the area should be free of weeds and grass to prevent competition of nutrients.

Preparation of the Soil
The prepared planting hole is twice as wide as the container the shrub was purchased and deep enough so that the soil line of the rootball will be slightly above ground level. Fork through all hard compacted soil and amend with general compost for the plant roots to grow.
If the soil is very sandy or heavy clay, mix in some garden compost or soil conditioner to help hold water and drain better. You could add well-rotted organic matter.

Planting guide
All plants are adequately watered and well drained before removing the shrub from the pot. You could add some water to the planting hole as well. Remove the plant from the pot carefully. If the roots come packed tightly, gently tease some out to encourage them to grow outward into the soil more quickly.
Place the shrub in the planting hole at the same level it was in the pot, taking care not to cover the stems as it will cause rotting. 

If the shrub is too high, remove some soil, if it is too low, add some soil. Backfill well with the soil removed from the hole and firm in well.
Water again

Plant spacing
How far apart you should plant your shrub depends on the plant growth habit and how far the roots extend. The mature plant should be considered when planting distances from fences and walkways.

Onward Care
Evergreen shrubs planted in the spring will need to be well watered to help the plant establish and especially during the dry spells. Deciduous shrubs will not require watering after autumn. When spring appears, then begin to have a good watering programme.