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Hedgehogs Nursery
Design & Construction​

The garden services design and construction packages available at Hedgehogs Nursery Landscape Design and Construction team are provided by a small but dedicated team of garden specialists, dedicated to providing customers with the most unique and bespoke garden designs. 

They continuously strive to maintain high standards for their clients with innovative ideas and modern design processes and will work alongside their clients to make sure the gardens they want will be of the highest quality and make the best use of the outdoor space for relaxing and a place for just having a great time!

The Hedgehogs Landscape team will be able to not only design the garden of your dreams, but we can also help construct the garden to your specification so all you have to do is to sit back and enjoy the finished result.

Why not give them a call 01592 859 541 for an estimate today.

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top soil garden services

Garden Gravels, Premium Bark,
Top Soil and more

Landscaping products for the garden are a great way to lower the maintenance, enhance the look of the garden, or create something that is “unique”. We supply a wide range of landscaping products and services, including Gravel, Premium Bark and Topsoil!

Hedgehogs Nursery
Garden Maintenance

Our Garden Maintenance service is the regular care needed to keep a garden looking neat and tidy which generally depends on client requirements. Kean and Able will tailor a maintenance service package that will work for you and give you a garden that you can enjoy all year round!

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Design, transform & enjoy the garden of your dreams…

… with your local garden specialist

Premium garden gravels, bark and top soil
Design & Construction services available
Garden Maintenance from our expert local team

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