Trees & Shrubs

Trees & Shrubs

Hedgehogs Nursery offers a large selection of treesshrubs within the local Fife area which can help to make an impression in your garden or landscape project. Let our staff help you choose that perfect tree or shrub for your needs. You will find trees and shrubs in containers, bare root, and root balled.  We only stock plants suited to UK climates.

        Hedgehogs Nursery Trees        Hedgehogs Nursery Trees

Big & Bold

Looking for that ‘BIG‘ statement for the garden?  Look no further as we have a good selection of big and bold rhododendrons and conifers that will make a big impression for the garden.  Rhododendrons are known for their spectacular show of colourful flower blooms for spring and longer, making that dull area of the garden a bold impressionists dream.  Bring some shape into the garden with the addition of big colourful conifers!

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