Paths & Patios

Paths and Patio Designs for All Gardens across Fife

Walkways, patios, pathways, etc. refers to hard landscaping as they use materials that are created for structuring gardens. Paving slabs or pavers, decorative aggregates or garden gravel, sandstone paving slabs are all man-made materials that can make the outdoors an extension of the home.

Landscape garden ideas

Garden ideas can include the creation of a super patio design for parties, barbeques or just being able to be outdoors and enjoy the open space. Concrete paving slabs are perfect for ground foundations and the use of different colours or styles will be a compliment to that perfect patio.

Paths and Patios

Need a pathway in the garden – think garden gravel or patio paving slabs. This is a great way to make the walkway to the patio easy, accessible and free of maintenance and weeds! Decorative aggregates come in many colours and are long lasting. Take a space, and have colourful garden gravel make it come alive – put some super containers with plants, veggies or fruits around, and things could not be easier! Easy to take care, and easy to water.  Then think Patio either concrete slabs or neat and tidy gravel area.  Wood decking is another great place to have a special time with friends.

Landscaping Ideas

Hard landscaping does not have to be dull and ugly. Don’t be afraid to think big when designing a garden – think easy maintenance and you. Whether the garden is small or large, hard landscaping can be that something that makes it all the better. Don’t leave your garden without some type of hardscape garden design just include it with the soft scape (plants, etc.) and then you have a great garden outdoor space!

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