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Using garden gravel around the garden is one the most popular ways to spruce up your garden. Garden gravel comes in many colours and sizes, and when used around the garden is a versatile, visually pleasing addition. We offer a wide selection of the most popular garden gravels for driveways, landscape projects, pathways, edging, and more! For information, just give us a call on 01592 859541, or visit us at Southfield Industrial Estate, Crompton Road, Glenrothes, KY6 2SF.

How can I order Garden Gravel?

Ordering is easy! For delivery – Phone 01592 859541 and our staff will help you with your order. We deliver within the Fife (delivery is dependent on postcode)

Or for collection – If you have a trailer, you can come and.  We are located in Glenrothes, Fife, Crompton Road, Southfield Industrial Estate, KY6 2SF.  Gravel can be ordered bulk bags or loose loaded.

Hedgehogs Nursery based in Glenrothes Fife have selected the most popular garden gravel chippings for you to view and select.  Our garden gravel is locally sourced and can be delivered within the Fife area.  We offer a good selection of the most popular garden gravels, for driveways, landscape projects, pathways, edging, and more. Just ask for information by calling 01592 859541 from 1000hrs – 1300hrs.  You can also come to the nursery and see the different garden gravels – Hedgehogs Nusery is based at Southfield Industrial Estate, Crompton Road, Glenrothes, Fife KY6 2SF. 

What are the benefits of Garden Gravel?

There are many benefits of decorative gravel around your garden.  It is cost effective as it is cheaper than concrete, and the installation is easier and quicker, thus reducing labour costs.  It means using your shovel, wheelbarrow, and friends to help lay the garden gravel chippings. 

Low Maintenance is another great benefit for gravel chippings.  The only thing needed would be to top up the gravel for pathways or driveways, fill any ruts.  Remember to lay some weed control fabric before laying the gravel and that will also help keep weeds at bay.

Drainage is one of the more common challenges of many gardens, and garden gravel can help in that area.  Water will be able to flow through the gravel reducing the risks of puddles, flooding, or erosion. 

Garden gravel is also eco-friendly as they allow water to recharge the groundwater and not add to the stormwater runoff.  Decorative garden gravel is also a natural product and does not require any intensive production to make.

Garden gravel is one of the best choices for gardens.  The benefits of decorative garden stones are one of the most cost-effective ways to improve the garden.  Imagine how much better that driveway looks with a great layer of gravel chippings, or that new pathway in the garden that brightens the entire area.  Selling or renting your premises?  Why not tidy yup the garden by using garden gravel.

How much Garden Gravel will I need?

We have a calculator for this below – remember that it is a guide.  The depth is always important when calculating how much decorative gravel you will need for the garden and the area that needs the gravel.  So, make sure that you have your areas to be covered measured well. 

Try our online calculator

Unsure how much top soil / gravel or bark you might need to buy for your landscaping project?

Why not try our handy online calculator to get an idea of the amount you might require!

Simply enter the length, width and depth of your area and click calculate.

If you have any questions, or just need some helpful advice from our friendly team, we’re just a phone call away on 01592 859 541.

Garden gravel FAQ’S

Our most popular Garden Gravels

These are the most popular garden gravels used by our customers.

hard core type 1


Perfect sub base building material for driveways, paths, patios, paving, car parks, etc.  It is a must for any area that is highly trafficked and meets all Department of Transport specifications.

Type 1 MOT Hardcore is now available at Hedgehogs Nursery Glenrothes Fife is normally 40mm down to dust to create an easily compactable material.  It is a must application for areas that required certified material to be used.  This is a natural product and may vary in colour.

Sub Base Hardcore is supplied loose loaded by the tonne @ £48.00 inclusive of VAT.  Delivery is extra.  Coverage will be dependent on depth laid, ground conditions, etc.

balmullo flint

Popular Balmullo Red Gravel 20mm

Popular for its rich red colours making it ideal for driveways, paths, beds and borders.  It is not only versatile and hard-wearing, but it brings interest and brightness to all landscape in the garden.

Prices shown include VAT.  Delivery is extra

Bulk Bags or Loose Loaded – £88.00 per bag or load

golden flint

Golden Flint 20mm

This garden gravel is a popular choice for many gardeners and landscapers with its multi blend of rich gold, tan and cream coloured angular stone shape. Golden Flint is an extremely hard-wearing garden gravel and is often used as a driveway gravel and on paths or a colourful rock garden. This type of garden gravel is perfect for brightening any area of your garden.

Prices shown include VAT.  Delivery is extra

Bulk Bags or Loose Loaded – £142.00 per BB or load

cotswold buff

Cotswold Buff 20mm

Available in the popular cream coloured garden gravel, used across many garden areas, provides a bright and warm appearance.  It is a popular choice and fantastic where a cost effect product is important.

Prices shown include VAT.  Delivery is extra.

Bulk Bags or Loose Loaded – £125.00 per BB or load

ledmore marble

Ledmore Marble 20mm

A rich stylish blend of subtle tones of grey, black and white.  Perfect for raised beds, garden borders, paths and landscape projects.

Prices shown include VAT.  Delivery is extra

Bulk Bags or Loose Loaded – £142.00 per bag or load

spey gravel

Spey Gravel 20mm

Another popular economical way of sprucing up your driveway, gardens or paths.  It is a natural durable garden gravel sporting an attractive mixture of rich colours that complement any landscape perfectly.  Spey Gravel is popular for creating footpaths, and borders due to its durability it is used on driveways.

Prices shown include VAT.  Delivery is extra

Bulk Bags or Loose Loaded – £124.00 per Bulk bag or load

washed gravel

Washed Gravel 20mm

Another great money saving way to cover driveways and pathways.  It contains a mixture of colours which create a distinctive finish.  Ideal for drives, paths, rockeries, beds and borders.  When wet, this gravel darkens in colour adding a special touch of colour to any landscape or garden project.

All Prices shown include VAT.  Delivery is extra

Loose loaded only – £41.00 / ton

Bulk Bag add £5.00

plum slate chippings

Plum Slate Chippings 20mm

A natural Welsh slate product and is used for decorative application for beds and borders, water features, rockeries, fish ponds and other landscape projects.  It is a blend of plum / blue colour and is also used for creating a flattering path or walkway.

Prices shown include VAT.  Delivery is extra

Bulk Bags or Loose Loaded – £165.00 per BB or load

tay silver gravel

Tay Silver Gravel 20mm

Tay Silver gravel simply bubbles with colours of dark blue, grey, silvery flecks running through the gravel making the colour almost a silver grey.  Ideal for paths, Oriental gardens or just because it looks good. It is an angular material that adds that different effect to the landscape and is not your everyday gravel. Imagine a vein of “silver” in your garden!

All prices include VAT.  Delivery is extra

Supplied Bulk Bag only – £97.00 per Bulk bag or load

beach pebbles

Beech Pebbles

Beach Pebbles are like the larger cobbles you would pick up on the beach, they have a variety of colours, pink, peach, grey, blue scattered throughout. Ideal for something different for the garden or if you want that seaside look. Having that feeling of a “beech” in your garden may give it that uplift for the coming winter months, but enjoyable during the spring and summer.

Beech Pebbles are different shapes and sizes, and most are smooth textures making this a very sensory gravel for gardens.

All prices include VAT.  Delivery is extra. Supplied bulk bags – £115.00 per Bulk bag or load

grey granite

Grey Granite Gravel 20mm

Grey Granite is an attractive and hard-wearing gravel that is a perfect choice for that modern contempo9rary look.  A gravel that is lighter in colour when dry and darken when wet to show the beautiful grey flecks throughout the different colours of stone.

All prices include VAT.  Delivery is extra

Supplied bulk bags – £90.00 per Bulk bag or load

Chip Your Garden with Gravel from Hedgehogs Nursery

Gravel is used to create attractive and functional areas of the garden such as driveways or footpaths. It’s also used to spruce up existing borders, flower beds or existing landscape. If there are weeds that need to be kept at bay, lay your selected garden gravel on top of a membrane which helps prevent weed growth, but allows rain water to soak through to the soil and disperse naturally. At Hedgehogs Nursery Glenrothes we have a wide range of the most popular garden gravel to suit many garden designs and landscaping projects!

Overall, using gravel in your garden is a great way to spruce up your garden by adding colour and shape by using various kinds of decorative gravel.  Creating pathways or even driveways with garden gravel and hard wearing driveway gravel will add something special to your space.

Remember to put down some weed control membrane before laying gravel to help suppress weeds from coming through. Weed control fabrics also allow water to escape rather than collecting in pools.

All garden gravel listed is stocked here at Hedgehogs Nursery in Glenrothes Fife for pick-up or local delivery to the Fife area. If you have a trailer, you can bring and load it. Call for delivery prices, or if you have any questions.

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