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Garden Maintenance services from our experienced local team

Hedgehogs Nursery can provide a bespoke service directly from Hedgehogs Garden Services and the garden tidy team. They can help with all maintenance work in existing garden spaces or create new garden enviornments. Having maintenance work carried out around your garden is a great way to quickly improve the beauty of your outdoor space.

So whether you’ve an unruly lawn in need of a trim, a grimy patio in need of a power wash. Get in touch today to learn how we can tidy up your garden and transform it. We offer garden maintenance services throughout Fife and the surrounding region and we can provide a free estimate.

Just Ask our staff 01592 859541 to help you organise our Garden Tidy Team to come and see what your garden requires. Our experienced team will be able to help get your garden into shape.

Grass Cutting

Not everyone has the time to devote to cutting their grass, especially in this fast-paced hectic modern world.

This is especially true if you have a large lawn and lack the time to properly maintain it. Hedgehogs supplies offer a full grass cutting service in Fife and the surrounding areas, get in touch for an estimate. We can leave your lawn neatly trimmed and take all the time and effort out of grass cutting for you.

Hedge Pruning

An unruly hedge can quickly become a bit of an eyesore. At Hedgehogs Nursery we offer a professional hedge pruning service to all your garden hedges.

If you have a lot of hedging around your property, keeping it pruned can be very time consuming. So why not leave it to the professionals and save yourself the hard work. A trimmed hedge will immediately enhance the aesthetic of your garden.


Are pesky weeds overrunning your garden? Weeds can be tenaciously annoying if you don’t have the professional know-how when it comes to eradicating them effectively.

Weeds are not only visually unappealing, they also have the nasty habit of depriving nearby plants of hydration and nutrition. Hedgehogs Nursery provide weeding as part of our garden maintenance services in Fife and the surrounding areas.

Tidy Ups

Is your garden just in need of a bit of a general tidy up? Whether it’s needing some debris cleared or just an overall spruce up. Hedgehogs Nursery can provide you with a full garden tidy up as part of our maintenance service.

Our friendly, experienced team of professionals work throughout Fife and the surrounding area. So contact us if you require a garden tidy up.


Adding plants to your garden is an excellent way of embellishing your outdoor space with new shapes and colours. Our team of experienced landscaping professionals can help you choose which plants will best complement your space.

An array of beautiful blooms will be an aesthetically pleasing addition to any garden. Our landscape design professionals can help advise you on which plant types will best suit your space.

Power Washing

Power washing has a number of applications and can be used to clean decking, driveways, patios around your property. If you are looking to eradicate grime or residue from surfaces around your garden. You can rely on Hedgehogs Nursery to provide an extensive and professional power washing service.

Getting rid of grime with a power washer is an effective way of transforming your space and improving its appearance. Not only this, but getting rid of mould and mildew can also improve the health of your garden.

Lawn Treatments

Lawn treatments are a fantastic way of ensuring your lawn is happy, healthy and fully hydrated. We’ll leave your grass looking fully rejuvenated, lush and green whilst dealing with any troublesome moss or weeds.

Hedgehogs Nursery offer an effective and affordable lawn treatment service for any gardens throughout Fife and the surrounding areas. Not only do lawn treatments improve the overall health of your grass, they ensure your grass looks much more pleasing.

Garden maintenance is one of the more necessary activities to keep the garden nice and tidy, healthy and attractive.  Some people will choose to take care of their own garden maintenance and others will choose to hire a gardening service.

Hedgehogs Nursery offers a competitively priced garden maintenance service comprising of grass cutting, edging, weeding, hedge trimming.  Another great addition to the maintenance service is taking care of those decks, mono block driveways and patios that tend to grow moss or grass.  Power wash to these surfaces will renew the look and make them a stunning joy.

Maintenance plans can vary depending on what you want done in the garden.  We will have our team leader make the assessment of what maintenance is needed in the garden as well as any other things the client would be needing to improve the garden.

Weed control is always an important element to improve the health of any lawn and garden.  Taking competitive weed growth out of a garden will see the plants thrive as they will be in a better environment.

Garden maintenance may also include the installation of small plants, trees, etc, new turf.  Making sure this is done properly and safely is the objective of our team for your overall maintenance programme to keep the outdoor space healthy, safe and appealing.

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