Cedrus Deodara

Cedrus Deodara | William Roxburgh

Family: Pinaceae. A species of Cedar native of the Himalayas in Eastern Afghanistan. It is a large coniferous tree up to 40-50 meters tall growing naturally at an altitude of 1500-3000 meters. The evolutionary snow adaption of a weeping habitat is typical. The overall shape of the tree is pyramidal. The needle-like leaves are mostly 2-5cm with barrel shaped cones which are upright on the branches. The specific name “Deodara” is Sanskrit for “wood of the Gods“. The author of this tree was William Roxburgh (1751-1815). He was a Scottish (born in Ayrshire) doctor educated in Edinburgh. He followed in the tradition of ships surgeons working for the East India Company with expertise in Botany and sciences. A study and collection of data on the meteorology of India was fundamental to the New Science. A friendship with Dr Nathaniel Wallich, the Danish born Botanist, produced many joint papers for the Royal Society at Kew Gardens, London.

from the series 18th Century Plant Collectors by Robert Kean 

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