Family Fun Underfoot: Creating a Lush Lawn with Westland’s Kid & Pet-Friendly Fertiliser

Imagine this: a vibrant green carpet stretching out before you, beckoning bare feet and playful paws. Children laugh as they chase butterflies, while furry friends scamper and sniff, revelling in the soft embrace of healthy grass. This isn’t just a dream; it’s the reality you can create with Westland’s Kid & Pet-Friendly Lawn Fertiliser.

Kids playing on lush lawn with their pet dog
Kids playing on a lush green lawn with their dog.

Unlike conventional lawn feeds, Westland’s formula prioritizes not just lawn health, but the well-being of your entire family. This means you can finally ditch the worry and let your loved ones enjoy the lawn to the fullest, without fear of accidental poisoning or harsh chemicals.

Where Can I buy Westland Child and Pet Friendly Fertiliser?

You can buy Westland Child and Pet Friendly Fertiliser from Hedgehogs Nursery and Garden Centre, Crompton Road, Southfield Industrial Estate, Glenrothes KY6 2SF.  Just like that!

Delivery – Phone us on 01592 859541 and our staff will help you with your order. We deliver within the Fife area (delivery charge applies depending on the postcode),

Collection – You can come and collect. We are located in Glenrothes, Crompton Road, Southfield Industrial Estate, KY6 2SF

Why Choose Westland Kid & Pet-Friendly Lawn Fertiliser?

Here’s what makes it the perfect choice for families with both green thumbs and sticky fingers:

  • Safe for tiny tots and playful paws: Formulated with natural ingredients and free from harmful chemicals, this fertiliser lets your kids and pets roam free without a worry.
  • Boosts green growth: Rich in essential nutrients, it nourishes your lawn, promoting thicker, greener grass that’s soft underfoot and perfect for backyard picnics and impromptu soccer matches.
  • Strengthens defences: The balanced formula enhances your lawn’s natural resistance to pests and diseases, leading to a more resilient turf that can withstand both playful feet and adventurous digging.
  • Long-lasting effects: Its slow-release action provides sustained nourishment for up to 100 days, saving you time and effort, leaving you more time for family fun.

Getting the most out of this fantastic fertiliser is as easy as pie:

  • Timing is key: Apply the fertiliser in spring and summer when your lawn is actively growing. Aim for mild weather, avoiding frost or excessively hot days.
  • Prep your ground: Give your lawn a good mow and remove any dead leaves or debris to ensure the fertiliser reaches the soil directly.


Spreading secrets: This is where your trusty Westland Lawn Drop Spreader comes in! Fill it with the fertiliser according to the recommended rate on the packaging, ensuring an even distribution

Westland Lawn Drop Spreader
Spreading the Green
  • Watering wisdom: After applying the fertiliser, give your lawn a good soaking to help the nutrients penetrate the soil.

Extra Tips for a Thriving Family-Friendly Lawn:

  • Water regularly, especially during dry spells.
  • Aerate your lawn once a year to improve drainage and oxygen flow.
  • Mow regularly to promote healthy growth and prevent weed invasion.
  • Let the fun begin! Once the fertiliser has settled, invite your family out to enjoy the lawn. Play frisbee, have a picnic, or simply soak up the sunshine together. Your lawn is now a safe and vibrant space for everyone to cherish.

With Westland’s Kid & Pet-Friendly Lawn Fertiliser and these simple tips, you can create a haven where your lawn thrives, and your family can spend quality time together. Remember, a healthy lawn isn’t about aesthetics; it’s about providing a safe and vibrant space for everyone to enjoy. So, go forth, spread the green love, and let the laughter fill the air!

Where Can I buy Westland Child and Pet Friendly Fertiliser and Drop Spreader?

Buying is easy. Just ask by phoning Hedgehogs Garden Supplies 01592 859541 and our staff will help you with your order. We can deliver within the Fife area, which is an extra charge, depending on the postcode address. You can collect by visiting our nursery.  We are located here in Glenrothes, Crompton Road, Southfield Industrial Estate, KY6 2SF.