Decorative Bark – The Finishing Touch to Gardens

You can use decorative bark all around the garden..  It not only adds that finishing touch to the garden space, but it also has many benefits.  By applying a good layer of about 2 inches of bark (mulch) on the soil, it does more than look good:

Decorative bark

Natural decorative bark helps retain soil moisture.  It allows water to effectively permeate the soil, while reducing evaporation from the soil.  A covering of about 2 inches should be laid for good results of water retention and suppression of weeds.  Sunlight is kept out which prevents or helps stop weed growth. If weed seeds land on the surface of the bark they will be unable to get to the surface beneath the bark.

Bark will also protect plant roots as it helps insulate the soil, regulate temperature, and protect plant roots from frost, and winter freezing weather, to hot and dry summer weather conditions.

Bark will also help to improve soil fertility as it releases nutrients and organic matter as it decomposes.  This helps improve soil conditions as well as boost fertility.  Decomposition of the bark will take longer than other types of fertilisers, i.e. manure, therefore it will still look good even after 2-3 years – bonus!

When should the decorative bark be applied?  The best time to put bark down is when the soil is moist.  Most often this is about late winter or early spring.  But one of the best things about bark is that it actually can be laid anytime of the year as long as the soil is somewhat moist.  So, get your spades out and order your bark for the garden.  Let’s keep your garden nice and tidy and give your plants a great start and long-lasting life.

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