Magnolia – Black Tulip Tree

Magnolia Soulangeana – Black Tulip Tree

Magnolia Black Tulip are found in New Zealand and bred by Mark Jury.  They are one of the most sought-after Tulip Trees, due to its stunning deep purple, goblet-shaped flowers. These flowers form a tight cup that almost never opens.  The rich purple flowers are about 10cm-15cm (almost 6 inches).  Bringing an early Spring reward of rich and aromatic magnificent colour to the garden.  It is quick to flower within the first two seasons after planting.  As it matures, becomes more spectacular each year.

Magnolia Black Tulip has an upright growth habit and moderate rate of growth. They are considered a smaller tree for most gardens, especially the smaller garden or featured plant for landscape plantings.  It will tolerate all but the coldest climates and prefers a good sunny position with a bit of protection from strong winds.  A ten-year-old tree will be approximately 11.5ft tall and about 4.5ft spread.

The Magnolia Black Tulip tree is a deciduous tree that requires no pruning, but if crossed or competing branches occur these can be removed while the plant is young to improve the shape.  Should be planted in full sun for best flowering, with average to medium watering requirements for a medium tree during first year and dry spells.

There are no particular pest or disease problems with the Magnolia Black Tulip Tree and fertiliser should be applied in the Spring, about 1-4 handfuls of slow release fertiliser (20:12:16).  Be careful not to ‘over feed’ the tree – follow instructions on packaging.

Hedgehogs Nursery and Garden Centre Glenrothes has a limited quantity of these stunning Magnolia Black Tulip Trees available.