Gardening Gone Wild: MOTHER EARTH Super Compost Has Arrived at Hedgehogs Nursery!

Tired of anaemic blooms and sluggish veggies? Longing for a garden that explodes with vibrant colour and bountiful harvests?  Look no further than MOTHER EARTH Super Compost, the revolutionary soil amendment now gracing the shelves at Hedgehogs Nursery!

This isn’t your average compost bin byproduct. MOTHER EARTH is a biologically charged powerhouse, crafted from a secret blend of nature’s most potent ingredients. Think rich, dark humus teeming with beneficial microbes, essential nutrients, and organic matter that breathes life into even the most depleted soil.

Picture this: Your roses bursting with impossibly large, fragrant blooms. Tomatoes the size of grapefruits dripping with juicy sweetness. Leafy greens so vibrant they practically glow. With MOTHER EARTH, this isn’t just a fantasy, it’s your new garden reality.

Here’s how this supercharged elixir works its magic:

Nutrient Powerhouse: MOTHER EARTH is packed with nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and a full spectrum of micronutrients, the essential building blocks for flourishing plants.

Microbial Mayhem (the good kind): Billions of beneficial bacteria and fungi break down organic matter, releasing vital nutrients and improving soil structure for optimal root growth and water retention.

Pest Patrol: The robust microbial ecosystem creates a natural shield against soil-borne pests and diseases, keeping your precious plants healthy and thriving.

Waterwise Wonder: MOTHER EARTH improves soil aeration and water absorption, helping you conserve precious resources while ensuring your plants stay consistently hydrated.

And the benefits go beyond the soil:

Reduced carbon footprint: Choose MOTHER EARTH and be kind to the planet. This compost is sustainably sourced and produced, minimizing environmental impact.

Organic Goodness: Nourish your garden naturally with MOTHER EARTH’s certified organic formula. No harsh chemicals, just pure, wholesome goodness for your soil and your vegetables.

Where Can I Buy Mother Earth Compost?

Hedgehogs Nursery and Garden Centre welcomes the mighty MOTHER EARTH Super Compost, packed with nature’s potent goodness to elevate your garden to epic proportions! This premium blend isn’t just fertiliser, it’s a soil superhero, igniting vibrant blooms, juicy veggies, and thriving greenery! Don’t miss out on this limited stock, unleash the wild  power potential of your garden with MOTHER EARTH, super compost only at Hedgehogs Nursery and Garden Centre Glenrothes, Fife. Call now 01592 859541!!

Limited Time only – Grab this bundle – 2 bags (60 litres each) for £13.50

or one bag for £7.99


Unleash Mother Earth Compost in Your Garden!


Stock up now because this wild ride won’t last forever! MOTHER EARTH Super Compost is flying off our shelves, and with good reason. Don’t miss out on your chance to transform your garden from a sleepy meadow to a vibrant oasis teeming with life.

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