Plant a Tree – Help Fight Climate Change

Protect Future Generations & help fight climate change

Trees are for Life!

We will never be able to plant enough trees to stop climate change completely, but we can make an attempt.  One of the best ways to help prevent planet wrecking emissions is to remove it from the air around us and by planting a tree, which can live up to 300 years and produce 35 tons of oxygen in its lifetime – and that is just one tree!

Fighting this worldwide issue has become the greatest priority for many countries.  The first county to make a change is Ethiopia with their ‘national green legacy’ initiative to fight this ongoing issue.  Imagine planting 350 million trees in a day to reach their target of 4 billion trees in the country.

Some other points about trees:

  • Mature trees can capture about 20 tonnes of C02 per year or 6,000 tonnes in its lifetime.
  • Above all, trees will help with stabilisation of soils as well as aid flood protection by storing excess water
  • More importantly, trees will be able to absorb carbon from the atmosphere and store it – as well as its roots and forest cover locking in the higher level of carbon contained in the soils.
  • Trees also act as natural barriers, protecting soils and crops from heavy rainfall and strong winds as well as providing natural habitats for many forms of wildlife

Planting more trees in the UK will provide increased forest coverage and hopefully this will increase the drawing out of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and contribute toward the ‘net zero’ goal that the UK is committed to as in the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement.