Hedging, Plants & Shrubs for Gardens

Plants, Shrubs & Hedging for Gardens

Now is the perfect time to get some colourful plants and do a bit of planting in your garden, especially with the recent warm weather.  Even without the rain, now is the time to start getting your garden in good shape.

The best and most surprising species are the hydrangeas which are fully budded, and in beautiful colour for summer.  Gorgeous red, blue, purple are here to add that much needed colour for gardens.  One must never forget those great perennial and a new introduction – Penstemon Red Phoenix with incredible red and white tubular blooms will brighten up any container, bed, border and landscape projects.  The best thing about perennials is that they will come back next year as well and be even stronger!!

The new climbing plant on the block is Lonicera Chic & Choc.  This stunning semi-evergreen opens into fragrant dark red/ yellow, white blooms from dainty pink/ white buds.  Imagine having this semi-evergreen wrapped around a pergola, climbing frame, etc, and enjoying not only the spectacular blooms, but the fragrance that stings the air around the plant.

Just as its name – Astilbe Jump and Jive will do just that – make gardens jump out with its startling bright magenta pink, fluffy plumes reaching out from surrounding glossy green leaves.  Jump and Jive is every gardeners dream – easy to care for, fast growing and with remarkable colours.

Hedging for Screening, Etc

Hedging plants are great for those areas that need to be screened.  Now at the nursery are Photinia red robin, common laurel, and Escallonia.  There is even tall and spikey holly plants all which make ideal screening, sound proofing, etc.

Fruits Are for Growing

When all the plants are in place, concentrate on what great fruits to complement the garden space or containers.  One of the easiest fruits to grow are blueberry plants / bushes.  They are self fertile (meaning they do not need a pollinator), easy to grow and disease resistant.  If treated well, blueberry plants will provide you with the best berries these plants can manage.  Straight from the bush is always the best!  And do not forget other great delicious fruits to top bowls of cereal, ice cream, make jams and jelly, wine.  Stocked now are boysenberry, tayberry, loganberry, and blackberry plants.  All great cropping fruit bushes!

All these and more available now at Hedgehogs Nursery & Garden Centre, Glenrothes Fife, Scotland – great prices and quality plants.

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