Why Have a Great Lawn

What makes a garden sparkle, and inviting?  Many things like a hedge, super plants that are in flower and a specimen tree.  But remember the one thing that will always call out to “come and enjoy” your garden is the LAWN.

Having a good-looking lawn is one of the most important things for a garden.  The green grass is great for pets to enjoy, and a fantastic place for children to play.   It will add that something special to the area as a well-kept lawn is one of the best features.

Maintaining a healthy lawn isn’t just something that comes with owning a house. Instead, a garden can become a valuable part of your home that you will want to spend time enjoying. The benefits of keeping your lawn in good condition are huge.

A well-maintained lawn will allow us to make use of our “outdoor room”.  The garden then becomes a place we will want to spend time, be that playing outside with our children, or hosting a garden party.  Lawns are the prefect surface for outdoor activities – they look great and are very durable.

Having a well-kept garden with a lawn is the key to likely higher house prices.  It may improve the overall value of the property, but it may have a knock-on effect that the other neighbours will follow your lead.  Some estimates have shown that a well-maintained garden can add as much as 20%to the property value.

Look at your lawn.  Does it look like as though it needs some help?  Our tidy garden team will be able to improve your lawn.  Our team will make sure that the grass has a good cut, feed the lawn if needed, and help you take care of other garden essentials.  Call Hedgehogs Nursery Garden Tidy Team and speak with Scott 07437 198166 Today and let them get that lawn into shape!!