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Get a 10% discount on all website purchases at  The month of September is a great month for loads of things to do around the garden – especially getting ready for the winter.  Don’t forget to add that all important code – br17 for your discount.

Hedging Plants

Plants may need winter coats for the winter, so there is garden fleece to buy, or if they need help standing tall – how about bamboo canes for support?  Weeds got you down, as there has been a load of rain this year – ever try weed suppressing membrane called ground cover, weed matting, etc?  Great to have to help suppress the fast-growing weeds!  Browse around our Growing Needs Section there must be something that your garden needs!

This is now the time to pre-order bare root hedging plants, rootball hedging and bare root fruit for large and small area projects, or to fill in existing spots that need to be helped a bit.  Bare root hedging plants are great to buy now as they are inexpensive and easy to plant.  Don’t forget for that instant hedge effect, there are rootball hedging plants that will do just the job.  There is still loads of time to get those pot grown plants as well.  Check it all out on ScotPlantsDirect and get a 10% discount now!

Delicious Fruits

Bare root fruit and trees are a great buy now, as you can purchase apples, pears, cherry and plum trees at a good price and reap the rewards next year  and do not forget the flavorful gooseberries, black currant bushes and the great Scottish raspberry canes!  Great little jam makers, raspberry compote, etc.  You can still purchase those great blueberry plants that burst with flavour and health qualities.  Don’t delay as the sale is only for the month of September!

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