Colourful Hebes For The Garden

 Hebe Colour for the garden

Hebes can be the most unnoticed plant, but the most widely grown in gardens.  The evergreen shrubs have one of the best flower colours in the garden.  Hebes, commonly known as evergreen veronicas, considered very easy to grow and maintain, and make that spectacular splash of colour for containers, tubs or a great fill in plant for the garden.

The best thing about Hebes is that with so many different types, there will be one variety that will meet your garden requirements. Hebes range from low growing groundcover shrubs to the taller shrubs and come in all types of foliage and flower colours.  Hebes are a gardeners delight and have a lot to offer to any garden.

The flowers of the Hebe plant can be in a range of colours of white to purple, the foliage can also be variegated in green to purple.

Landscaping Uses

Hebes can be planted in the garden for border filling, or in containers.  It is suggested to pick Hebes with the planting location in mind.  Low growing ones can be planted in borders for filling or areas like rock gardens, etc.  If planting in containers, try the smaller growing Hebes as they last longer and very easy to care for.

Where to Buy Hebe Plants

Hedgehogs Nursery Glenrothes is offering three spectacular Hebe plants on sale now:

Hebe addenda Britta which is a striking purple or dark blue flowers in short flower clusters.  Its leaves are dark green making this one of the showier hebe plants

Hebe addenda Emma is a popular favourite as its flower colour is a soft but electric purple / pink in short clusters.  It has glossy dark green, lance shaped leaves, and a bushy yet compact habit.

Hebe addenda Nikka has one of the most intense deep pink flower shows that will be the talk of the garden.  Flowers seen in a red and pink colour and dazzling against the glossy green, lance shaped leaves.  Hebe Nikka is another perfect bushy, compact growing Hebe.