Pieris Carnaval

At Scot Plants Direct at Hedgehogs Nursery in July

Limited quantities of our new introduction – Hydrangea Blueberry Cheesecake – it is a bi-colour flower and a superb garden trophy. New stock of Cotinus coggygria Royal Purple – common name Smoke Bush. Every garden should have this beautiful specimen. New Pieris Carnaval – unusual variegated foliage and new growth will shoot out vibrant red. The Christmas box, or Sarcococca, is an evergreen shrub that will add the colour and fragrance to your winter months in the garden. New Hydrangea Incrediball the largest hydrangea flower yet! Up to 12 inches!! Limited quantities and if you miss this one, you miss something special! New stock of Lilac Trees that will be outstanding next year for your garden – Charles Joly and Madame LemoineSambucus Black Beauty or Purple leaf Elder – outstanding dark foliage with pink, citrus scented flowers – stunning!

Scot Plants Direct at Hedgehogs Nursery, Crompton Road, Southfield Industrial Estate, Glenrothes, Fife KY6 2SF