Cupp Leylandii Castlewellan Gold

Cuppressocyparis Leylandii | Mary Letitia Green & Albert Bruce Jackson

Cuppressocyparis Leylandii or more commonly Leyland Cypress. This tree commonly grows and is planted as a hedge in many gardens of the world. It is a bigeneric hybrid between two genera both natives of North America. But as their evolution took place in locations separated by vast distances, never actually met in nature. One parent is – the Monterey Cypress or Cupressus macrocarpa is a fast growing tree but not hardy, from the central coast of California. The other parent is slower growing but hardy and is native of the coastal regions of Alaska and British Columbia. Authorship is by M.L. Green (Mary Letitia Green), born 1886 and died in 1978 and Albert Bruce Jackson born 1876 and died in 1947. They are both botanists at Kew and dendrologists.

Note: Our tree is at least 10 years of age.

from the series 18th Century Plant Collectors by Robert Kean 

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