Hanging Baskets – Construction and Maintenance

What is needed for construction and maintenance of hanging baskets?

Spring is always about using colourful bedding plants to brighten up a garden.  One of the easiest and simplest ways to brighten up a garden is to fill some hanging baskets.  For instance, our 7 easy steps help to make sure that your baskets will be artistically better than those next door.

7 Easy steps to constructing the best hanging baskets


  • Gather all the material needed from Hedgehogs Nursery, as well as a few extra plants.  The materials you need should include, are moss or basket linings (if you decide on using a wire basket), potting soil, moisture crystals.  Try and choose plants that come in a pack of six, and try to make sure that your purchased plants complement each other.  Hanging baskets come in all sizes from 12 inches to 14 inches which are available at Hedgehogs Nursery Glenrothes.

Hanging location

  • Decide where to hang the baskets and what type of exposure will be provided.  If the baskets are in the sun all day, they will require a bit more maintenance, including checking the moisture levels and pinching new growth to help keep the plant appearing full.


  • Now that all the materials and plants are gathered, basket construction is ready to begin.  If using a wire basket, flat bottoms are great, as they will remain still while filling out the basket.  Place the liner or moss in the basket making sure that it hugs all areas of the basket and should extend another inch above the basket rim.  If using a basket that has a lining, then all it will require is filling with plants, soil and water crystals.
  • Fill about 1/3 of the basket with potting soil, along with a teaspoon of water crystals.  If you have a wire basket, push the plants from the outside in so that the roots sit on top of the soil.  Add more soil to cover the roots if required.
  • Continue to fill the wire basket in layers and finish by filling the soil to the rim.  Don’t forget to plant the top surface.  If using water crystals, make sure that each layer has a small amount of crystals mixed in with the soil.  Baskets that have lining already installed just need soil filled in the basket along with some water crystals, and then planted on the top surface only.

Final steps

  • Water gently when finished and make sure that the soil is moist
  • Fertilise lightly with a diluted soluble fertiliser once a week and don’t forget to pinch the plants growth to keep them under control as well as looking full and fresh.


Bedding Plants & Hanging Baskets at Hedgehogs Nursery Glenrothes

Bedding Plants to fill those baskets are now available at Hedgehogs Nursery . We have a great selection of all those favourites such as gorgeous begonias that bloom all summer, impatients, surfina, lobelia, alyssum, petunias and much, much more!  Come in and check them out – and grab a great bargain!

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