Spring Is The Time For Doing

Spring is the time for doing

Today is the day for doing all those spring chores that are needed to get the garden in shape.  Lawns need cutting and weeds need tended to or they will rule your garden after spring.  Do not forget to get rid of the weeds first with a weed spray, and then cover the area with a weed suppressing ground cover mat such as spunbound weed control or heavy duty woven weed matting.

Top Soil is a great addition to top up those veggie beds or other areas of the garden.  Premium spring garden ornamental bark is great to cover areas that need help keeping weeds down – but remember that you will at least a 2 inch covering to keep weeds at bay.

Every little bit helps keep those nasty little weeds away.  Gravel is another great way to spruce up the garden, and here at Hedgehogs Nursery we have a good selection of the popular colours for gardens.

More Doing

Get ready for those lovely bedding plants that will can be prepared for hanging baskets!  Hedgehogs Nursery here in Glenrothes has great selection of those flat bottom wire hanging baskets that can be filled with flower combinations that grow well together and bloom throughout the season!  Black rattan hanging baskets (lined) that will be superb to adorn any area of the garden – filled with fragrant blooms that attract butterflies in an upscale hanging basket!


More Saving

Great savings on large pots that are great for gardens that want only pots filled with shrubs.  Long lasting and heavy duty sizes of 15 litres, 25 litres, 35 litres which is a very popular pot, and of course 50 and 70 litre pots.  Easy to move around the garden as some come with handles, and can be used over and over if you are nice to the pots.  Filling the pots with our garden compost will make a difference for the plants survival.

Try out our Jacks Magic compost and our garden compost with John Innes mixture, both with added fertiliser to give plants and trees the best start.  Add a bit of rootgrow and see what happens to those plants and of course fruits and veggies!  Other great garden fertilisers here at Hedgehogs Nursery is the vegetable helper – Growmore which is what will help those veggies get going.

Don’t forget our other great garden products such as bamboo canes, to help need support your plants.  If you want to build a great fruit cage to keep birds away from the fruit that will be on those trees and bushes soon.  Fruit?  Is that missing from your garden?  Hedgehogs Nursery has a fantastic selection of Blueberry bushes and plants, Blackberry, Loganberry, Wineberry, Tayberry, Boysenberry.  Come and check the fruit out!  Grow your own and get organic!!

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