Hedgehogs Tidy Garden Team at work

Hedgehogs Tidy Garden team has been busy making gardens a better place to be for the summer months.  We clear up neglected gardens.. The team ensures gardens are cleared every time.

Another great area to make sure all is well is your patio.  If left alone, the grout and patio stones become dirty over time, a good wash would perk up that space.  One of the best ways to make sure that moss and dirt are removed is by power washing.  Next to make it all perfect is to relay the sand down, and then see how inviting that space can be. 

Hedgehogs Garden tidy team can and will do a great garden tidy.  The team want to make sure all gardens are enjoyed by their owners..  It is always nice to see the garden free of the clutter and weeds, and even better to have that patio space back to looking inviting.  Get out the patio furniture and the BBQ…and then have a party!!

Call our garden tidy team to get your gardens behaving better.  Contact our team on the numbers 01592 859541 / 07437 198166.  Or you can come in and book our team at Hedgehogs Nursery and Garden Supplies and Services, Crompton Road, Southfield Industrial Estate, Glenrothes, KY6 2SF.  Don’t delay!  Call today and let our team get that garden into shape!