What You Need to Maintain Your Garden Health and Beauty

Maintaining a healthy and beautiful garden will require a lot of different supplies, so in today\’s blog we\’re going to take a closer look at some of the things you\’ll need in order to maintain your dream garden health space. When looking to spruce your garden health up for spring or planning to undertake a big landscaping revamp this year. Figure out what supplies you will need ahead of time and you are well stocked.

Healthy garden look

Choosing garden plants is one of the most obvious things people think about when they think about what they want their garden to look like. Think about envisaging your perfect garden and one of the first things you\’ll visualise is a colourful array of plants. Bedding plants are an easy but very effective way of adding some vibrancy and seasonal colour to your outdoor space. Garden shrubs are also a great way of adding interest and creating an aesthetically pleasing structure to your garden.


Besides the plants themselves, bamboo canes, baskets and tubs will also need to be taken into consideration. If you have a vegetable patch you\’ll need to make sure you\’ve got plenty compost in for it, and you\’ll also need a supply of compost to keep shrub beds and potting plants topped up.

Weed control

Another important thing to consider is how to tackle weeds. Weed control fabric provides a simple yet efficient means of keeping pesky weeds at bay with minimal maintenance. Those unwanted weeds can also be suppressed organically by using ornamental or composted bark around borders.


A smattering of decorative gravel around areas such as footpaths can really add a new lease of life to your garden. One can use gravel for driveways, borders, flower beds and more; it really is very versatile. Weeds can be kept at bay by using gravel to suppress weed growth, whilst simultaneously allowing rain water in.

For general landscaping projects, topsoil is another thing to consider. Topsoil comes in either screened or manufactured form. Screened topsoil is great for things like raising ground level and improving the quality of your soil. Manufactured topsoil is used for general turf top dressing as well as fine turf top dressing and can also be used for established planting beds and seedbeds.

If you have any queries or questions regarding any of the topics we\’ve covered here, please get in touch with us.