Rhododendron Plants

Rhododendron Plants for all season colour

Rhododendron plants are one of the most popular shrubs that people can grow where conditions are suitable.  Rhododendrons perform best in stable climates.  Ideally, planting in areas that have good rainfall throughout the year with a slightly acidic soil for the best flowering.

Rhododendrons are available in all shapes or sizes.

Some also offer prostrate ground cover which grows a few inches high, in addition to trees that grow 100 ft tall.  The diversity of rhododendrons is amazing.  With flowers ranging from white, red, pink, yellow, blue, magenta, orange and shades and mixtures of these colours.

Imagine the explosion of colour when April comes around and the rhododendron start to blooms!  There are many gardens needing something big and bold to make a statement, and Hedgehogs Nursery in Fife has just the thing!  Very big and bold Rhododendrons which are ready for your garden, in 130 litre pots ready to plant – Have you missed these stunning specimens that should be in your garden?