Hydrangea Plants Royalty Collection

Hydrangea Royalty Collection Plants

Hydrangea plants from the Royalty Collection are one of the most eye-catching specimens you can purchase from late spring to late summer.  Flowers are large, colourful, numerous and just plain beautiful.

Hydrangeas are a compact, upright, bushy cultivar with dark green leaves and when in bloom there are large rounded clusters of reddish-pink, reddish-red and striking blue.

Ideal place to plant hydrangea macrophylla is within well drained soil, in sun or partial shade.  Remember that soil pH affects flower colour.  Hydrangeas like clay, loamy sandy soil types, from acid to neutral pH.  The best suggested use for hydrangeas, especially the ones from the Royalty Collection would be for flower arranging, beds and borders, containers.

Hydrangea Macrophylla Hot Red Violet Plants

Hot Red Violet is a relatively new introduction from the Royalty Collection and is a stunning specimen.  Its flowers are large and long lasting than the more traditional hydrangea plants.  Hot Red blooms will start out appearing to be pink and then darken to a cerise or violet colour as they mature.  It will grow to a height of approximately 1 metre x 1 metre in about 10 years.

Hydrangea macrophylla Royal Red Plants

Royal Red is another new introduction of the Royalty Collection.  It has a compact, bushy habit with the most stunning deep red flowers. Its blooms will emerge appearing green / red and as it matures, turning a deep red – stunning!  Ultimate height and spread 1m x 1m in about 10 years.

Hydrangea macrophylla Jip Blue Plants

Jip Blue is one of the most fabulous blues from the Royalty Collection.  It has a vibrant blue almost iridescent blue flower and will be an eye-catching display from day one.  Jip Blue flowers are large, numerous and undeniably beautiful.

Hydrangeas from the Royalty Collection now available at Hedgehogs Nursery Glenrothes Fife – Hurry as they are available in limited quantities.