Rootball Hedging Plants

What are rootball hedging plants?

Let us not forget the other great way to have that ‘instant hedge’, is by way of buying Rootball hedging plants such as the common laurel, Portuguese laurel, English Yew Taxus Baccata for English Yew or Thuja plicata Red Cedar Hedge and many others.  Again there are seasonal bargains to be had from November to March, and the larger rootball plants do make a very impressive addition to the garden.  Check out our rootball favourites and be you will be able to get that ‘instant’ privacy, screen hedge. Order now from our Online Shop here!

Acquisition of Rootball Plants

Depending on the size of the plant, the average age of this type of hedging is anywhere from 3 years to 6 years old.  The process for lifting these impressive sized hedge plants is by special machine from hedge fields, carefully scooping the roots of the plant, and then placing them in a hessian wrap forming the root ball.

Planting your Rootball Hedging

Planting a rootball takes a bit more time and delicacy, as the planting hole must accommodate the size of the ball, and care should be taken when placing the plant in the desired planting location.  Ideally, the rootball should be planted on a mound to prevent the risk of excess water causing the plant to experience ‘water-logging’ and providing a adequate draining environment.

Steps to the perfect planting of your rootball hedge plants

  • The planting hole should be about 2-3 times as wide and as deep as the rootball.
  • The sides of the planting location should have a slope and care should be taken to not disturb the soil at the bottom of the hole.
  • When you place the rootball plant in the middle of the hole, make sure that you handle the plant by the rootball.
  • Do not move or lift the plant by the trunk as this could cause the rootball to separate from the trunk.
  • Finally, after placing the rootball in the hole, check for planting depth, if the root collar is below ground level, heighten it by putting some soil under the rootball to bring the root collar up to slightly above ground level.


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