The Benefits of Using Gravel and Bark in Your Garden

Using gravel and bark in your garden has all manner of benefits, both pratical and aesthetic.

In this article we\’re going to explore some of the benefits of using bark in your garden, and then we\’re going to take a deep dive into the various kinds of gravel we supply and their characteristics and potential uses.

Composted and Ornamental Bark

Garden bark is really great when it comes to moisture retention. Its gradual decomposition facilitates the release of beneficial nutrients into the soil to improve its health.

Another key benefit of bark is weed suffocation, which also helps with retaining moisture. Aside from these practical advantages, bark can also lend a decorative flair to your outdoor space.

The combination of organic weed control and natural beauty makes it easy to see why composted and ornamental bark popular.

Decorative Garden Gravel

Garden gravel can be used for both practical and ornate purposes. Here at Hedgehogs we can supply an array of different types of gravel.

We have MOT granular hardcore which is an excellent solution when providing a sub base for driveways, patios etc.

If you are looking for gravel, we offer a diverse array of colours and shapes. Ensuring there will be something to complement the colour scheme and style of your specific garden.

Gravel can be used to spruce up paths, borders, driveways, beds and much more.

Hedgehogs Nursery offers various types of garden gravel

Our Balmullo Red is renowned for its subtle yet alluring hue. We have Golden Flint with its mixture of gold, cream and tan tones to add brightness to gardens.

To add more lightness to a space, Cotswold Buff is the perfect solution with its warm cream hue.

Stylish and modern, Ledmore Marble gravel boasts an array of grey, black and white colours.

We can also supply Spey Gravel which is very hard-wearing. Will blend well in many different settings due to its subtle colours.

Our Washed Gravel offers an economical means of covering paths, driveways and more. The colour of this gravel gets slightly darker in the rain, changing its appearance in a subtle and interesting manner.

Sourced organically from Wales, our Plum Slate has blueish hue and lends itself especially well to water features and fish ponds.

If you\’re after a bit out of the ordinary, our Flamingo Gravel serves up a gorgeous array of peach, pink and white tones.

Meanwhile, our Crystal White Gravel blends striking white with some hints of cream for a clean, brightening, modern aesthetic.

Outdoor spaces with a contemporary style will benefit from our York Cream Gravel with its blend of cream and light brown tones.

Angular and silvery, our Tay Silver Gravel is subtle and versatile, and can be put to great use to lend aesthetic beauty to pathways and the like.

If you want to transform your garden into a gold mine, lay some of our Solent Gold Gravel.

All of these aforementioned sturdy gravels are 20mm and can be supplied either loose or in bulk bags.

We also supply Beach Pebbles and Oban Cobbles for that coastal feel, perfect for introducing a touch of seaside beauty to your space.

Top Soil

As well as gravel and bark, here at Hedgehogs we can also supply you with top soil for gardens, allotments, vegetable boxes and more.

We offer both screened and manufatured top soil. The former is generally used soil quality improvement and ground level raising, whilst the latter is useful for seedbeds, exisiting planting beds, and turf top dressing.

Garden Gravels, Premium Bark & Top Soil

Should you have any queries regarding how to use gravel, bark or top soil in your garden, we\’d be more than happy to advise!

Simply get in contact with Hedgehogs Garden Supplies and our friendly team of professional landscapers will be able to assist.