Your Guide to Lawn Scarification

We are going to cover lawn scarification. What it is, how it is achieved, and the benefits of scarifying your lawn.

What is Lawn Scarification?

Lawn scarification is carried out with the intent to get rid of moss and deceased organic material. This in turn will prevent the inhibition of grass growth and also help deter more moss and weeds.

A lawn scarifier is a dedicated machine designed and built for this purpose. It\’s important to note that scarification will not eradicate all moss, it will however facilitate the loosening of moss whilst the scarifying is ongoing and also for a couple of days thereafter.

When is the best time to Scarify?

Lawn scarification is generally carried out during either the spring or autumn months. The reason for this is that optimal scarifying conditions involve warm, sunny or rainy weather.

Winter and summer are either too cold, too hot, or too dry for carrying out a lawn scarification in your garden. That said, a light scarification might be possible during the summer, provided growing conditions are amenable to this.

What are the benefits of Lawn Scarification?

Scarifying your lawn offers many benefits. Removing built-up thatch is a good way to prevent and reduce moss building up; if this is allowed to happen your grass won\’t get as many nutrients from the soil, and more moss as well as weeds are likely to occur.

Lawn scarification also encourages the growth of new grass whilst also helping to deter turf disease and waterlogging. All of this will help to get your garden grass vital, healthy and looking in tip-top shape.

Top tips for after lawn scarifying

Post-scarification, it\’s important to remember that your grass should be kept moist. This can be achieved by applying lawn fertiliser to accelerate growth and help the grass recover faster.

You may also want to consider over-seeding and top dressing after scarifying your lawn. This can be helpful when it comes to creating a base for nutrient retention in the months following the scarification.

Gardening services in Fife and the surrounding area

Not everyone has the time or proper machinery to devote to scarifying their own lawn, especially if there is a lot of grass to get round. In this case, you may consider calling in a professional landscaping team to get the job sorted for you hassle-free.

Here at Hedgehogs, we offer lawn scarification and lawn treatments as part of our Garden Maintenance Service. If you are looking for lawn scarification in Fife or the surrounding areas, please get in touch to get more information on how we can leave your grass looking fresh, replenished and brand new again.

As well as lawn treatments, we also provide grass cutting, hedge pruning, weeding, planting, power washing and more; a full array of maintenance services that will give your garden a thorough makeover.