Lawn Behaving Badly?

Lawn behaving badly? Garden lawns are not exactly a low maintenance feature.  Without proper knowledge it is easy for things to go wrong.  Your lawn will become a muddy, patchy, lacklustre site, perhaps littered with weeds. 

Forgetting to fertilise your lawn?  You may feel guilty about starving the lawn, and remember each time it is mowed. You are removing some of the grass food storage and throwing it into the compost.  Feeding needs to be more than once a year. This will make a big difference in the strength of your lawn no matter how many times you mow.

Aerating the turf will help it breathe.  Forgot about that as well? This will help break up the compaction in the soil making it easier for nutrients to get to the roots.

Bet you also forgot to thin out the thatch or the accumulated dead grass, decaying shoots and other debris. This can choke the grass and prevent water from reaching the roots – so now the lawn needs to be scarified!

Weeds are also another problem for uncared for lawns.  Dandelions and couch grass are the common bad weeds in many lawns as well as clover.  And then the moss which is so common when it comes to lawns, particularly damp, shady areas with clay soil.

If your lawn has been behaving badly then call our tidy garden team at Hedgehogs Garden Supplies and Services and they will make sure your lawn can be transformed into a healthy and luscious stretch of green.  Or if it is beyond repair, they will lay new turf and that instant new lawn will be the best focal point of your garden.  Call our team now 07437198166 and let them get your lawn behaving as it should – green and tidy!