Spring Flowering Plants

Spring Flowering Plants at Hedgehogs Nursery Glenrothes

Inspiring Spring Flowering Plants are now available at Hedgehogs Nursery Glenrothes.   This is an ideal time to infuse that blast of colour into the gardens now that the winter months are over.  Spring plants is the sure-fire sign that the warmer weather is coming. 

Spring has always been the time for renewing or replanting as the whole world awakens from winter weather.  It is the time of year when some favourite flowers transform from bud to flower intoxicating the air with their fragrance or showy characteristics. 

Garden Ready Plants

Some great new additions to gardens this year will enhance an already existing scheme, or be the ideal plant for that bare space.  Stunning colour from this new Magnolia Sunsation, deep yellow with contrasting hint of red on flower bowl and a fragrance that beckons enticing senses. 

magnolia sunsation
Magnolia Sunsation

Magnolia Royal Beauty is a double flowered cultivar of Magnolia Stelata.  Compact growth pattern, pure white flowers appearing in April before its leaves is not only different but full of fragrance.

magnolia royal star
Magnolia Royal Star

Hebes are one of the best low maintenance plants for beds, borders, and containers.  They offer stunning leaf colour as well as flowers that add that special something anywhere.  Imagine the colourful Hebe Wild Romance, Heartbreaker and that ever shy and colourful Purple Pixie.  All now available at Hedgehogs Nursery Glenrothes.


Rhododendrons and Azaleas are one of the best evergreens for gardens.  Strong growing, abundance of flowers each spring thru early summer and some lasting a bit longer.  Easy to maintain, and will always be the show almost anytime of the year.  Imagine the two-tone leaf colour of Rhododendron Wine and Roses – something unusual for a Rhododendron.  Colourful blooms of red, yellow, pink, purple, blue will always ensure Rhododendrons and Azaleas are a real favourite for gardens.

Rhododendrons and Azaleas
Rhododendrons and Azaleas

Another great new plant this year is the Clematis Hendersonii Rubra.  This evergreen climbing plant with hints of pale pink blooms opening from darker red/ pink buds early March thru April.  Vigorous growing climbing plant with a strong fragrance and will make ideal cover for fences, pergola, or anything that needs a bit of beautiful cover.

Clematis Hendersonii Rubra
Clematis Hendersonii Rubra

Trees for Small Gardens

Smaller gardens are always looking for that special tree for the small space.  Malus Royal Beauty is a superb colourful weeping tree not to mention the Prunus Kiku shidare zakura a popular favourite for its beautiful delicate pink flowers. 

New for this year is the impressive Prunus mume Beni Chi Dori a pink flowering Japanese Apricot Tree.  This is a fantastic choice for an early flowering small tree with deep pink flowers leaning more toward a shade of red flowering on bare branches in February to March.  The flowers are almond scented and tease the wildlife.  Glossy green leaves turning an apricot / orange tinge in autumn.

Ben Chi Dori
Ben Chi Dori

One of the most popular weeping trees for small gardens is the Salix Caprea or Kilmarnock Willow.  Always stunning with its delicate catkins early spring with leaves following later.  It is an extremely adaptable tree, growing almost anywhere especially waterlogged soils.  Kilmarnock Willows should be planted with full sun for best catkin production.

Hedging Plants for Screening and Privacy

One of the best choices for hedging is the Photinia Red Robin with its beautiful red tip growth and easy maintenance characteristics.  Photinia Red Robin is an evergreen hedging plant that is ideal for all year-round screening and privacy. 

Photinia Red Robin
Photinia Red Robin

Buxus sempervirens (Box) is another great evergreen hedge plant.  Slow growing but easy to maintain and when mature can be shaped into almost anything as it is one of the most popular plants for topiary.

Box Hedging
Box Hedging

Hedgehogs Nursery Glenrothes offers a good selection of garden plants now ready to plant.  We have just highlighted a few of our new additions for the year.  Now is the time to come in for a visit and be the first to plant something new and special in your garden.