Blueberry Varieties
Supplied 2 Litre & 3 Litre Pot Grown

Direct from Hedgehogs Nursery, the ripening season for Jersey blueberries, usually mid to late summer, with August being the typical month of ripening. Jersey blueberries are sweet and turn blue to light blue when ready to harvest.  They are firm and plump and will produce a nice crunch when you bite into a ripe one.  Jersey berries are medium to large sized.  As the plant matures, it will produce berries of increasing size.

The Miniblue Blueberry

A mid-season Northern Highbush blueberry with excellent flavours.  Introduced in the USA (Oregon) the small berries are excellent for loads of baking, add to cereals and the kids love their sweet taste.
High yields, great flavour can be grown in containers, this self-fertile blueberry, the perfect gift for avid bakers and blueberry lovers,

Mini Blues Blueberry (Vaccinium corymbosum ‘Mini Blues’)

Delivers the most incredible flavour in a tiny package. If you prefer smaller berries, this, your variety.  This very modern cultivar offers so much to home gardeners. Once you taste the delectable, petite fruit; you’ll become a fan for life. With a vigorous, narrow, and upright nature, Mini Blues fits perfectly even in small space gardens.

Blueberry corymbosum Jersey

One of the oldest blueberries.  Jersey, a classic “heirloom” blueberry perfect for homegrown and commercially grown blueberries.  When properly cared for Jersey shrubs are tall, high yielding and well-shaped.  They are also one of the easiest blueberry shrubs to grow especially for beginners. Jersey, a northern high bush and one of the tallest.  It will produce high quality yields of large, juicy blueberries.  Jersey, a very hardy bush adaptive to whatever area you choose to grow it in.  It, one of the best plants to grow in the colder climates where the weather can be harsh

The Duke blueberry

Semi-evergreen Highbush yielding medium to large, crips, light blue berries in extraordinarily large crops.  It, the one that stands alone with lovely blushed white flowers arriving late spring and vibrant foliage in the fall.  Duke blueberry shrub, one of the popular favourites among landscape designers and gardeners.  This blueberry blooms late, but ripens early, with blossoms being tenacious against late spring frosts making the Duke attractive in climates that experience cooler temperatures late in the season.  They are tangy and sweet with a delicate finish.  They have a “classic” blueberry taste. Crops tend to be large with a medium to large fruit size. Height of the Duke can reach about 5-7f

Blueberry corymbosum Duke

You will know it, when you have that unmistakeable tangy sweetness of a blueberry bursting on your tongue.  Duke, sweet, succulent berry and has become a staple of many summertime memories.  Delicious dishes, and sweet treats have made Duke Blueberry a great choice for your garden blueberry bush. The Duke blueberry, one of the Northern High bush variety specially cultivated to flourish in the northern regions where other blueberry varieties have struggled.  It has achieved high popularity for both its hardiness and fantastic taste

Blueberry corymbosum Blue Crop – Blue Crop

Another popular blueberry among home gardens and allotments. This self-fertile variety, disease resistant and offers abundance of berries every year. Blue Crop, an amazing berry as it, perfect for various reasons from their high yields to various uses in the kitchen making them insanely popular. This crop will produce a crop first planting year and expect about large yields yearly about July making it perfect for back gardens. Blue Gold, sweet to tart flavours. Sweeter berries are there if they are left to ripen. When they lose their shine, then they are ready to pick.

Blueberry corymbosum Blue Gold fruits – Blue Gold

One of the original cornerstones of the blueberries in the growing industry. Eventual height approximately 4.4-4.6ft. Blue Gold will produce berries that are sweet but not overbearing, firm in texture making a delightful crunch as you bite into them. Blue Gold berries are large to medium sized and known for the large batches each shrub can produce. They are one of the best cropping varieties and one of the most dependable.

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